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The Smart Cover by Apple was hailed as a revolutionary attachment for your iPad 2. It was the first case to introduce a magnetic locking system that would both keep your device protected and also clean the screen in-between uses. The dual purpose case also features a quad-fold system that will allow you to prop your iPad up in a variety of formats for your viewing pleasure. The main advantage to this case is that it was specifically designed for this device, by the designers themselves. Most users are having a tough time finding something that protects your iPad 2 and is as useful as these smart covers.  The other huge advantage is that it utilizes a special technology that allows your device to immediately awake from “Sleep” mode when the cover is opened. This actually comes in handy more often than you’d think and will result in a significant amount of time saved as well as frustration averted. We’d recommend using a screen protector or cover alongside this to maximize your protection value.

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