A Comparison Of iPad and Galaxy Tab – Which One Suits You Best?

While the new iPad does have voice controls for emailing, texting or surfing the internet web (although users must tap “done” on the screen to the commands), it failed to deliver the feature that lots of Apple fans were awaiting for: Siri, the computer intelligence with a voice-commanded “personal assistant” in the iPhone 4S. Siri’s die-hard followers had hoped that the late Steve Jobs will make it available as an application or in a later operating systems.

The best new features of the new iPad are its high resolution screen and ability to support the new LTE/4G knowledge networks. The “Retina Display” high resolution screen is 2048×1536 pixels and will appeal to game enthusiasts, users who stream movies and video and those who use the device as an eReader. The new iPad’s dual-core A5X processor makes gaming smoother and the film viewing experience richer. The camera has been enhanced with 1080p video, autofocus and face detection. Consumers might have anticipated a higher price tag for such improved performance but the prices have stayed the same as the earlier iPad: $499 for the 16 GB version, $599 for 32 GB and $699 for 64GB. Like the iPad2, the new iPad is available in black and white. The size of the new iPad is the same as the iPad 2 which means most of the iPad 2 cases should fit the new iPad. So how exactly does the new iPad compare to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the most well regarded Android tablet?


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also available with 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage and is priced at about fifty bucks less expensive than the new iPad. Both tablets have a maximum battery life of 9 to 10 hours. The Galaxy Tab’s three mega pixel back camera, two mega pixel front cameras and 720p video capability don’t hold a candle to the new iPad’s five mega pixel camera and HD video.

The area where the Samsung Galaxy Tab has the advantage over the iPad is in functionality for business users. Because the giant majority of often used business application and file types are built around the Windows operating process, iPad owners will need a remote desktop app in order to access work related files and programs. The Galaxy Tab is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of programs, making it the more sensible choice for individuals who need a tablet for business use. The Samsung tablet is as  popular as an eReader and just like the iPad, will run the popular Kindle app (available in the respective app stores).

The choice between the new iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab largely comes down to the user’s preference as to operating process and whether the device is to be used primarily for say, stock trading, video, and web browsing or as a business tablet. Last but not least, the new iPad, however, is clearly superior in terms of technical performance with its superior screen resolution, camera and 4G capability, well, at least for now, before the Android based tablets catches up.  In the final analysis, it is very much a personal preference and familiarity with the operating system that will tilt the end user’s final decision towards choosing one over the other.

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