Best Apple iPad Cases Reviewed From Amazon

Best Apple iPad Cases On Amazon

iPad cases review usually reviews cases that are from amazon given that the fact we have Amazon Prime and at Amazon American Express credit cards.

We did a nice video slide show on the various cases along with showing you what others think about the cases after using them.

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Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2

Plus Backlit iPad Air 2

Bluetooth Keyboard Case ($99.90)

The slim keyboard matches the feathery light iPad air 2. When being utilized, the backlit keyboard lights up which assist typing even in darker conditions like a plane ride.  Easy to use power on and off button is simply convenient for anyone.

Bear Motion for iPad Air 2 (iPad 6) ($4.99)

The trifold smart case allows ease of placing the iPad Air 2 as a video stand or a typing stand. Having an additional clip not only provides a addition security but also allows the case to have an executive look.

iPad Air 2 Case – Fintie SmartShell Case for Apple iPad Air 2















Nice and light hearted blue give a feminine feel to the lightweight smart case. There are many colors from Fintie That allows us to choose from.

Ionic Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Apple iPad Air 2 (iPad 6) (Silver)  ($19.90)

Having Difficulties is deciding whether to get a smart cover or a keyboard case ? Ionic craftily solve this dilemma by combining both ideas together. Keeping both style and productivity at the same time. This keyboard case only weights around 300 grams so there shouldn’t be any worries that you are putting additional weight to the set.

roocase Origami 3D iPad Air 2 2014 Slim Shell Case Smart Cover($19.90)

The iPad Air 2 cover I just received fits well and looks nice.

In landscape mode, the cover has three possible positions, (1) a low angle (approx. 10 degree) with the cover extending back about 3 inches is very stable, (2) a little steeper (approx. 25 degree) and better viewing angle (with only a 1/2 inch extension back) that only works if you prevent the case from sliding, and (3) a stable and steeper (approx. 57 degree) viewing angle.












Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet

Leather Stand Apple iPad Air 2

Case ($19.90)

The keyboard fits snugly while being light to carry. The keyboard is great to use. The hard-keys similar to your laptop making typing with ease. A full charge lasts a few months.

Poetic Apple iPad Air 2 Case

[Slimline Series] ($9.90)


Bear Motion Genuine Leather

Folio Case for iPad Air 2 ($4.99 )


SUPCASE [Heavy Duty]

Apple iPad Air 2 Case ($9.90)

Shock resistance case that protects the iPad perfectly.

Kensington KeyFolio

Pro 2 Universal Removable

Keyboard ($49.90)


A great solution if you are an individual who always trades in the old tablets and get another tablet with a different size. Or when you have multiple tablets.



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